Comparative Advantages of North Kordofan State

  • Strategic and distinctive geographical location.
  • Plentiful ground and surface water.
  • Existence of certified international airport..
  • Presence of the newly-established dry-port.
  • Suitable high-ways network (internal and external paved roads).
  • Presence of Elobeid crop market as an open auction market intended to be an international electronic bursa.
  • Presence of advanced fiber optics communication networking to facilitate national and international contacts.
  • The state is characterized by organic production of agricultural and livestock production.
  • The state has comparative advantages in the source rainfed food crops (millet, sorghum) and cash crops (gum Arabic, groundnuts, Hibiscus and watermelon seeds), which have placed the state in a leading position with regard to the export portfolio of these crops in the country.
  • The Bara area is distinguished by its numerous tourist oases in the gardener production and sand tourism.
  • The State is a leader in the census of the sheep and camel in the country.
  • North Kordofan State is distinguished by the good quality selected breed of desert sheep in terms of high weight and good tasty meat
  • The presence of the veterinary research laboratory in white as it conducts all laboratory tests for the health of the herd of the state, the production of veterinary vaccines and the issuance of the certificate of origin.
  • The state is characterized by polymetallic minerals, mainly gold, silicon and fluorite
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