Commissioner Welcoming Speech

Under the context of the state economic policies that endorse  agricultural production, balanced growth and resource potentialities together with spirit of North Kordofan State cumulative  work (Nafeer). The state is mandated to maximize benefits from the diversified state resource base in different fields (agricultural products, livestock and  industry) which contribute significantly to the state and producers income. Our future plan is to facilitate the procedures for the investors to save time and money by offer them all required services (water, electricity and land) for the sake of the mutual  benefits and public concern.

All these indicators have encouraged the state government to adopt transparent investment policies and flexible rules coupled with investment mobilization measures worldwide,  by allocating these encouraging packages, sufficient collaterals, well-developed administrative procedures and integrated services  intended to attract the investment capitals via individuals, companies and countries. The Commission of Investment and Industry is committed to facilitate the investor's job in order to contribute principally  to the mobilization of resources and to sustain powerful economic cooperation at local, regional and international levels.

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