Livestock Production

  • The animal resources contribute 20% of the GDP and 60% of Sudan agricultural returns. The state has a comparative advantage in animal production in terms of quality and quantity due to the presence of supporting institutions represented by agricultural and veterinary research centers, Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization, mobile and stationed veterinary services, veterinarian quarantines (Errahad and Hamarat Elsheikh). In addition to the availability of natural range lands, crop residues, healthy herds together with the advantage of organic livestock production.
  • The total livestock population in the state was estimated as 22.5 million heads distributed into 87.9% desert sheep, 7.7% goats, 3% camels and 1.4% cows. The state hosts very good breeds with regard to the desert sheep (Hamari and Kabashi), which are characterized by heavy weight and good consumer’s taste. Recently, Umm Ruwaba sheep breed has acquired a very good promotion in the Arabic market whereas their nutritional transferability and daily weight gain (90 kg for one sheep with 230-325 kg/day) were reported to be high. The state ranked first position regarding national sheep export (17%) and the second one concerning camel export (30%). The animal nomadic tribes are characterized by seasonal movements (28% of the population).
  • The state has so many potential opportunities in animal production fields for instance range lands for animal breeding and fattening, poultry production, dairy production and green fodder, fisheries, wrapping and storing of cultivated fodders in fallow lands, modern slaughter house for production of red meat and leather processing, wild life (gazelle). With regard to pharmaceutical industry, the state has a specialized laboratory for vaccines production.

Markets in the state:

Livestock markets are stated below:

  • Mazroub (rural market)
  • Elobeid (central market)
  • Umm Ruwaba (urban market )
  • Jabarat Elsheikh (rural market)
  • Sodary (rural market)
  • Umm Somaima and Braika (umdurwarwar weekly markets)

Types of Livestock:

Sheep: The dominant type is desert sheep (hamari and kabashi).

Cows:  The main types are Bagaraa, Foja, Kenana, Botana breeds and some Frisian breeds.

Camel: The dominant type is Kordofani  breed, which is characterized by one-hump.

Goats: All types of goats are present while the dominant breed is the Nubian one.

Quarantines in the state:

There are two quarantines in the state located in Errahad and the other one is proposed in Undoraba (Elanaam market in Jabrat Elsheikh).


The state has established recently a modern slaughterhouse with high production capacity (Sudanese and Turkish partnership). The project implementation was started at Elobeid-Bara highway northward Elobied. Another modern slaughterhouse is under procedure (Sudanese and Emirates partnership).

Table shows animal resources distribution in localities:

Locality Type
Cows Sheep Goats Camels Total
Sodari 81963 4447128 455970 309050 5294111
Bara 1194 398597 89487 12597 501875
Umm Ruwaba 12398 375435 318521 14124 720478
Sheikhan 85375 459262 217825 27175 789637
Jabarat Elsheikh 56496 10239564 392567 167245 10855872
West Bara 1137 3621658 104645 51545 3778985
Ummdam 67294 109273 124977 95390 396934
Errahad 8882 102498 15285 29 126694
Total 314739 19753415 1719277 677155 22464586

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